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[audio]snsd into
Keywords: into
Downloads: 332
[audio]Journey Into... Edgar Allan Poe Contest Announcement - Marshal latham
@nd place gets $15
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 301
[audio]Act One - Overdose
recorded in 6 hours
Keywords: Into Guilt
Downloads: 17
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #66 - Alek and Elizabeth and the End of the World by Michael Grey - Marshal Latham
The title says it all
Keywords: journey Into
Downloads: 3
[audio]Metacast #1 - Marshal Latham
Where I talk about the podcast.
Keywords: journey Into
Downloads: 359
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #66 - Alek and Elizabeth End of World by Michael Grey - Marshal Latham
This the says it all
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 6
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #41 - Red Raod by David Barr Kirtley - Marshal Latham
Francis and Benjamin, unlikely companions, venture out an a quest of vengence for the dead mouse king.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 14
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #6 (r2) - The Macine Stops by E.M. Forster, Part 1 - Marshal Latham
Vashti begrudgingly leaves her safe home underground to visit her son, Kuno, who has wild notions of acting independent of The Machine.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 191
[audio]Journey Into... Side Trip #4 - Joe, the Alien by Marshal Latham (2) - Marshal Latham
Joe comes to visit his jintal while she is near headquarters. It's all about politics.
Keywords: Journey; Into
Downloads: 358
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #21 - Dream Engine, Part 2 by Tim Pratt - Marshal Latham
When Howlaa and Wisp follow the Fat Man back to his world, they must unravel the mystery behind the dream engine.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 559
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #83 - The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry - Marshal Latham
Jim and Della have great love for each other but very little money.  How can they hope to get each other a gift for Christmas.
Keywords: Journey Into
Downloads: 372
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #11 - Midshipman Hornblower - 1 - The Even Chance (BBC) - Marshal Latham
Adapted from the novel by C.S. Forster. Horatio Hornblower accepts his first assignment aboard the HMS Justinian, and faces the bullying of a senoir midshipman Simpson.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 700
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #32 - The Comedy of Andy Griffith - Marshal Latham
Andy Griffith explains football, Hamlet, and the ride of Paul Revere.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 792
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #108 - J 108 The Maltese Falcon starring Humphrey Bogart (Academy Award Theater) - Marshal Latham
Private detective Sam Spade gets caught up in a web of intrigue all in pursuit of the allusive Maltese Falcon.
Keywords: Journey Into
Downloads: 215
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #54 - It's a Wonderful Life starring Jimmy Stewart (LUX) - Marshal Latham
George Bailey is at his wits end, and only divine intervention can help him recognize the he has led a wonderful life.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 640
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #12 - Midshipman Hornblower - 2 - The Cargo of Rice (BBC) - Marshal Latham
Hornblower receives his first mission. Peril ensues.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 643
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #48- Double Feature: Pennywhistle by Greg van Eekhout & The Scottish Scene by Rish Outfield - Marshal Latham
A mom seeks to save her child from a piper, and a teenages seeks to save herfriends from the curse of Macbeth.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 438
[audio]Journey #39 - Snakehead_NewPicture - Marshal Latham
cover with correct spelling
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 288
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #60 - Space Patrol: Brain Bank and Space Binoculars plus Flash Gordon - Marshal Latham
Commander Buzz Corry sells stuff and Flash Gordon heads off to Mongo.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 380
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #74 - Outgoing Transmissions by Rish Outfirld - Marshal Latham
The following are transmissions intercepted by a Bothan surveillance vessel in the weeks leading up to the historic Battle of Yavin.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 408
[audio]Side Trip #3 - These Things Combined by Marshal Latham - Marshal Latham
A tribute to my mom.
Keywords: Journey Into
Downloads: 379
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #3 - The Shadow - The Silent Avenger - Marshal Latham
The Shadow in "The Silent Avenger" - March 13, 1938
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 465
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #64 - Fire Watch by Connie Willis - Marshal Latham
Young Bartholomew is a graduate student in history from a future Oxford who is assigned to travel back in time to join and study the famous Fire Watch Brigade-the volunteer corps whose brave members kept St. Paulâs Cathedral from being burned to the ground by Nazi incendiaries.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 583
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #43 - The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde - Marshal Latham
The selfish giant want his grand garden all to himself.
Keywords: Journey Into
Downloads: 471
[audio]IUMA: Into Eternity
It begins with an idea, on which a strong foundation is built. Whatever arrangement the foundation lends its strength to, a structure is formed and its presence is cultivated and established. The presence may be difficult to understand at first, but ultimately, its aesthetic beauty changes the inner-workings that make the perceiverpreviously blind to the stunning final productsuddenly gifted with amazing sight...
Keywords: Into Eternity
Downloads: 46
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #60 - Space Patrol: The Lady From Venus plus Buck Rogers - Marshal Latham
Commander Buzz Corry faces the lady from Venus and Buck Rogers and Friens run up againt Killer Kane.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 504
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #4 - In Spite of Himself by Nathaniel Lee - Marshal Latham
Alkahest seeks to make a name for himself in the super villan gig.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 10
[audio]Journey Into... Side Trip #4 - Joe, the Alien by Marshal Latham - Marshal Latham
Joe comes to visit his jintal while she is near headquarters. It's all about politics.
Keywords: Journey Into
Downloads: 15
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #45 - Barry Koleman, Hero by Mur Lafferty - Marshal Latham
Barry just discovered he has first wave powers, but nobody seems to care, except for the patrons of Keepsie's Bar.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 403
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #39 - Snakehead by Sam Schrieber - Marshal Latham
When Bill catches dinner in the form of a creepy fish, things get perilous for a group of camping work friends.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 162
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #50 - Ichabod Crane: Master of the Occult by D.K. Thompson - Marshal Latham
Ichabod Crane returns to Sleepy Hollow, but this time he's out for revenge.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 634
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #76 - The Martian Crown Jewels by Poul Anderson (Seeing Ear Theater) - Marshal Latham
There is only one Martian who can help Inspector Gregg solve the mystery of the missing Martian crown jewels: Syaloch, a seven foot bird-like being who has taken on the methods of Sherlock Holmes.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 453
[audio]Announcements from Base Camp: Parsec Awards - Marshal Latham
Dream Engine is a Parsec Finalist
Keywords: Journey Into
Downloads: 328
[audio]Journey #70 - Kellerman's Eye Piece by Mary Elizabeth Counselman - Mind Webs - Marshal Latham
Cyrus Kellerman orders a telescope eyepiece through the mail, only to find it discontinued. The newer model sent to him by the telescope company, however, seems to pick up more than just stars and moon craters.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 413
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #81 - The Goblins and the Gravedigger by Charles Dickens - Marshal Latham
Gabriel Grub, in the church graveyard, is seized upon by goblins, creatures seemingly more unpleasant than himself.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 356
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #58 (2) - Manuscript Found in a Bottle by Edgar Allan Poe - Marshal Latham
A tale of one man's journey aboard a peculiar ship with a more peculiar crew hurling toward an unknown fate.
Keywords: Journey Into
Downloads: 428
[audio]Journey Into... - Marshal Latham
Journey 2 - Cyberpunk
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 574
[audio]Journey Into.. Promo - Marshal Latham
It's a promo
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 302
[audio]Ep. #46 - Lieutenant Hornblower - 2 - Sealed Orders(BBC) - Marshal Latham
With Captain Sawyer incapacitated after his mysterious fall, the indecisive Lieutenant Buckland is in command and must, with the help of Bush and Hornblower, execute the sealed orders from the admiralty.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 511
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #53 - The Black Door (Suspense) - Marshal Latham
Journey Into... Ep. #10 - Consequence starring Jimmy Stewart (Suspense)
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 494
[audio]Ep. #51 - Lieutenant Hornblower - 3 - The Landing (BBC) - Marshal Latham
After being nearly defeated near the isle of San Domingo (Haiti), Horatio Hornblower has come up with a plan to make a surprise landing on the seaward side.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 491
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #10 - Consequence starring Jimmy Stewart (Suspense) - Marshal Latham
Dr. Phillip Martin takes an opportunity to adopt a new life, but it may only lead to lethal consequences.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 533
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #75 (2) - Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury (CBC Stage) - Marshal Latham
Fireman Guy Montag begins to question his career of burning houses containing books, and wonders just what is contained within these illegal pages.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 525
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #105 - The Nex by Tim Pratt (a preview) - Marshal Latham
Teenager Miranda Candle finds a mysterious necklace and is suddenly transported to The Nex, the bizarre city at the center of all possible universes, where she falls in with a pair of would-be revolutionaries - the skinshifter Howlaa and the bodiless Wisp.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 375
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #50 - Ichabod Crane: Master of the Occult by D.K.Thompson - Marshal Latham
Ichabod Crane returns to Sleepy Hollow, but this time he's out for revenge.
Keywords: Journey Into
Downloads: 17
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #42 - Skylab, Are You There with Rod Serling and William Shatner (Zero Hour) - Marshal Latham
Houston has lost contact with the astronauts on Skylab.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 550
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #19 - Midshipman Hornblower - 3 - The Man Who Saw God (BBC) - Marshal Latham
Adapted from the novel by C.S. Forster. Horatio Hornblower faces restlessness and question of faith while at sea.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 631
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #72 -Respite by Autumn Rachel Dryden - Marshal Latham
Edward and Ann, who carries their child, race against time to travel to the safety of the caves before the ravenous scupp shells hatch.
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 424
[audio]Journey Into... Ep. #14 (r2) - Double Feature: Chicken Heart & Revolt of the Worms (Lights Out) - Marshal Latham
A double dose of science experiments going bad with disastrous results
Keywords: Journey Into
Downloads: 469
[audio]Journey Into... Side Trip #1 - Pardon by Marshal Latham - Marshal Latham
Is being picked for the Selection more important than friendship?
Keywords: journey into
Downloads: 620
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